06/17/12 ★

My day started at 3 in the afternoon.

I met up with these three and headed straight to DLSU-D for the Human Lasallian Star event. 

We pass through the grandstand and had our late lunch at the university food square. I had a salty pork steak and mango shake. Hey, I just rhymed! Haha, anyway, straws aren’t available till the end of the month [if I can remember correctly] because we’re environmentally friendly like that. 

The weather was pretty fine when we got there. Cloudy and cool. But I wore a sweater [x] because I know, for sure, that it’s going to rain somehow.

We lurked around because there were a lot of bazaars just outside the grandstand. I bought a new, cutesy purse for 150 bucks only! Score!

I think they were already forming the star when I shot this. Idk.

Then the weather decided to be bitchy. Thank all the gods the Lasallian star was already formed and some of the people were already outside when it started to rain, hard.

Some of the people stayed at the grandstand for the concert even if it’s raining really hard! Wow, you guys!!! Sorry for the blurry photo though, we were walking when I shot this. Heh

We were supposed to watch Kimy Dora lol but we weren’t able to find a decent ride because all of the jeepneys were so full! So we just decided to go to my place and eat tons of pizza while catching up. 

I kind of regret not participating at the event. The HLS was so fucking cool! But oh well, there’s still next year!